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Save Money with the Ultimate Space Saver for Kid's Rooms!

GUYS! For YEARS my kids had so many toys, clothes, cardboard boxes (they used these for crafts and refused to get rid of them!) and you name it, if it was theirs, it was lying on the floor. When my oldest got a bunk bed from IKEA in 2017, I had this vision on getting one for each of my kids and making the bottom bunks their "rooms" where they could store all their things! Well, it took me 4 years to make my organization dreams a reality!

Because my 3 kids have always shared a room, they've never really had their own space, they do have their own beds but they would always been filled with their stuffy collections and not really much room for anything else. It was hard to get the room looking clean and their things didn't have any storage. It wasn't until we moved that I found two used IKEA bunk beds and transformed their room into a place where not only did we have the right organization but my kids finally had little "rooms" of their own!

These bunk beds are 78 3/8" long, by 48 3/8" wide by 45 5/8 high, so they won't fit every space. Have more than one child? If you aren't able to make the bottom bunk extra "room" for each of your kids, I recommend that if you can fit at least one of these beds, get them and have one up top and one in the bottom. We did this for years and meanwhile it wasn't what I had hoped for, my kids still really loved it.

Walking into the girls room is now something I don't dread or worry about stepping on a Barbie doll lol! I can now get around easily and it's always tidy. If you buy the IKEA bunk bed used, you can get a massive deal (considering we got our bunks between $100-140 dollars and they retail brand new for $297!!) Their room isn't magazine perfect but it's a place where my kids feel safe, loved and they can say is all theirs!

Click the link to shop the IKEA Kura Bunk Bed and check out your local online marketplaces for used ones!

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-My daughters bed (decorated by her and her sisters!) with her mini library underneath and her top bunk for sleeping!-

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